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Our Church is a modern red brick building, situated on Brynglas Road in Newport. Our main worship Hall will seat about 150 with more seating if we pull back the partition. We have a P.A system for the hard of hearing, which is compatable with hearing aids. The double doors at the entrance enables us to give the disabled worshiper as much independence as they need to enter the church. By altering the seating, without to much effort we are able to accommodate the wheel chair, without leaving them in an isle on their own. The seating is all cushioned to make it a more comfortable experience. We have our own car park, and we are all on one level. . We are a friendly bunch and welcome anybody. Please feel free to ask anyone a question to make your visit a pleasant one.We look forward to seeing you at All Saints Church Newport


While we begin to open the church buildings for private prayer and services, we will also be maintaining our online worship. Our Morning Prayer services will continue at 10am Monday to Friday on Zoom.  In addition, for the time being our Sunday Service will remain on Zoom, see the Internet services page for more details.

In August we will have simple Said Eucharist Services in all three of the churches in the Ministry Area and the times are detailed below. There may be new times of services as we move forward to enable the ministry team to deal with the capacity of the guidelines and restrictions. I know many of you may be disappointed with the slow progress we are making but it is essential for the safety of our church family.

Weekday Services in our churches:-


All Saints’:     10am -- Said Holy Eucharist


 St Mary’s: 10am -- Said Holy Eucharist

St Mark’s: 11am -- Said Holy Eucharist

St Mary’s: 7.30pm  -- 20th Oct Taize Service

Advance Notice: we are going to trial a once a month Taize and Bible Commentary Service for four months starting on Wed 8th September at 7.30pm

The above services in St Mary’s and All Saint’s will be live streamed as and when we can to Facebook so that they can be watched from afar. further details on this to follow.

Sunday Services in All Saints :-

All Saints: 11.00am Said Holy Eucharist

Sunday Services in our Other churches:-

St Mary's   8.00am Said Eucharist

St Mary's: 9.30am Said Holy Eucharist

St Mark's: 10.30am Said Holy Eucharist

St Stephens: 10.30am All Ages Service

St Pauls:      10.30am All Ages Service

St David's: 11.00am Said Holy Eucharist

St Mary's: 11.30am Contemporary worship

St Stephens: 6.00pm Contemporary service

St Pauls:     6.00pm Contemporary service

Names and telephone numbers by law must be taken so if an outbreak occurs you can be contacted, you will be asked to fill a short form in before you leave. If an outbreak occurs you must self-isolate for 14 days. The church building will then close once again until it is deemed safe to re-open.


·         Each church has to obey the 2m distance rule and so we have a maximum number that will be allowed to enter at any one time. If when you arrive you are told we are full by the steward then please be gracious as we are all in this together. Please respect the 2m distance rule at all times and use the specified pews and/or chairs without moving them. It would be extremely helpful if you could let us know if you plan to attend a service, please state which church you will be attending in your reply.   Please Email: -

·         Hand sanitizer must be used on entry and exit of the building.

·         Please do not block or loiter around the doors on entry and exit.

·         There will be no hymn books or service sheets. We will project the service in All Saints’ and St Mary’s. For St David’s we will give you a sheet that you must then keep and bring back each time. Please do not hand them back in.

·         Unfortunately, we will not be able to share a physical sign of the peace, but we will verbally say it to each other or sign it.

·         Holy Communion will be in one kind, and the priest will wear gloves and distribute it to where you are seated.

·         There will be no tea/coffee provided after the service and the cloister/hall remains closed. If you would like water then please do bring your own water bottle.

·         Unfortunately, the toilets will be closed.


M/S N Gibbon

Mr G Brown


There is an Envelope System available for your giving to the work of the Church or you can use a Direct Debit system.

An annual box of envelopes are available or Individual  Envelopes are in the Narthex, these enable us to get tax rebates for taxpayers. Speak to Rose or the Churwardens for more information


Lord God,
renew your Church
and begin with me.
Heal our wounds,
give us joy in our faith,
draw many to share your life,
and use us all in your service.
For Jesus Christs sake,
Lord of the Church,
make us the Church of the Lord.



Sunday 17th October at 6 pm
A musical evening with Out of the Ashes, who will bring a lively upbeat presentation of the gospel through Jazz, R&B, Blues and Swing.  They will be at St Stephen's with Evangelist, Peter Gladwin who will give his testimonial.  All are welcome at St Stephen's Church, Pill, Newport NP20 2HA

Please email:-          or phone 01633 266076 to book a seat.  No entry fee but a collection will be taken.  

Advance Notice: 

Saturday 6th November at 11am: Animal Blessing Service at St David's. Please bring along your pet, or a photo, or even a cuddly toy! We can't wait to meet them! 

Wednesday 10th November at 7.30pm: Taize Service with a bible commentary at St Mary's. All are welcome!



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